When Santa got his new phone he was really excited and wanted to start texting everyone right away!  But there were a few problems!  First, even with the help of all his elves, it was a big task to get all the people on the good list into his phone contact list.  Then he realized that his phone’s storage capacity was not large enough to fit the thousands of good children he wanted to message!  And finally, it because evident that sending a message from the North Pole was pretty hard – the reception there is pretty weak since it is the Northernmost point on the Earth!!

I told Santa to let his Elves focus on getting all the toys for Christmas done (my boys had a long wish list!) and set to work trying to figure out how to build something that would help.  I gathered together a bunch of strong servers and large capacity databases and set them up to be able to store all of the contact information necessary.  Then, since the Elves were already busy, I created a website to enlist the help of all the parents and grandparents around the country (they are always so helpful!).  So now parents and grandparents can come to the website textsfromsanta.com and enter in the contact information that Santa needs, and the Elves can keep on working!

Next I worked on making sure the system had strong enough processing power to be able to send to all the people on the good list that Santa would like to send messages to.  It had to be a big processor with a lot of power to do that!  Especially when Santa wants to send photos!  (He is becoming quite the selfie fanatic!)  With this all completed, Santa now has the ability to use this system to send his messages!  It’s a great thing!

Santa has been experimenting with my system over the past couple years, and is having a blast with it.  He is pretty chatty in December, despite how busy the month is for him.  He loves to share stories of what happened that day – there’s a lot more going on there then just making toys!  It is also a super fun way to count down to Christmas.  Mrs. Claus jumps in everyone once in a while to say hello too – and make up fun holiday games to play!

I’m still working on the system to keep making it better and better!  I’d love to hear any feedback and I hope everyone enjoys being able to hear from Santa!