My kids totally love their texts from Santa each day.  More then I ever imagined they would.  It was just enough involvement for their attention span that kept it exciting each day.   But while I was happy with their reactions to their texts, I was blown away by their reactions to the selfie that Santa sent them!

Now all kids know that Santa visits their home Christmas Eve.  The evidence is there in the presents beneath their tree, or the goodies in their stockings!  But after a whole month of communicating with the big guy, when my boys got a photo on Christmas morning from Santa of a selfie of Santa in OUR HOUSE from his visit the night before, there was almost (almost!!!) a moment of complete silence.

This was like the cream of the crop..  the icing on the cake..  the extra candy cane in the stocking!!!  They love this so much, that I am working on incorporating a lot more of that kind of personalization into TextsFromSanta.  Santa and I have a lot of great ideas.  They are going to take a lot of effort to build into the system, but I know we can do it.  I’m game, Santa’s game, and I know that my kids sure are!!!

santa at my house
Santa visiting my fireplace!