As TextsFromSanta has been growing and growing, I have heard about the crowd funding site KickStarter a lot from my friends and people online.  I’ve joined the site and have had a lot of fun watching other entrepreneurs present their awesome ideas and get funded (you should totally check it out!!)  I’ve ended donated to a few – like an adorable mustache book for the kiddies ( – c’mon get funded!!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned before but “TextsFromSanta” is actually a new name for me this year.  Up until this year I have been running texts from Santa from the domain name  Changing the domain name has come about during my recent push to expand TextsFromSanta to reach as many kids as possible!  With this re-branding comes a lot of enhancements and changes to the system’s back-end.  And a lot of modifications I’d love to do cost a bit of money to do so!!

So I’ve decided to start a KickStarter project!!  I’m currently working on setting up the page and all the information that goes into a presentation like this.  This morning I created a video introducing myself to the world.  Wow, is that a hard thing to do!!  I didn’t realize how difficult it is to record yourself – even for the short video that I did.  I’m sure this is the case normally, but I imagine it was even more so to do in my house.

Imagine setting up a camera and trying to talk earnestly with 5 boys and 2 dogs in the house!  🙂  Every time I thought I had an OK take, a dog would bark or a child would want a snack.  Not that I thought you guys would mind seeing that – but it was totally distracting to me!  So how did it finally get done?

As I was taking one of my last effort takes, one of the youngest boys – my son’s friend Jack – came over and plopped himself on my lap.  At this point I had given up, so I was content to snuggle with the little guy.  He was so interested in looking at the camera, that I thought, why not?  So I recorded with him right on my lap smiling at the camera – and can you believe it!?  There was complete silence in the background!!

So I’m taking it!!!  I hope people enjoy watching it, and hey – at least they get to see adorable little Jack!!!  Hugging him also gave me something to do with my hands, which I always tend to talk with.  Thanks Jack!

Kickstarter Video
My little video helper – thanks Jack!